Weekly Quiz

World Series

Who are the only Jewish inductees into the National Baseball Hall of Fame?

ASandy Koufax & Ron Blomberg.

BMickey Mendel and Cal Rivkin.

CWhitey Herzog & Sandy Koufax.

DSam Malone & Ray Kinsella.

EHank Greenberg & Sandy Koufax.

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Survey Says

What are nearly 50% of Swedish Jews afraid of, according to a survey by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights?

AWearing a kippah.

BEating lutfisk at a Smörgåsbord (who wouldn’t be?).

CWalking into a synagogue.

DEating the Swedish meatballs at Ikea, because of rumors that they have pork in them.

ECalling their fathers Abba, because every time they do, the radio starts playing Dancing Queen.

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Columbus Day

Who is believed to be the first Jew to set foot in what became the United States of America?

ALuis de Torres, an interpreter who traveled with Columbus.

BTevye's Uncle Avram in Chicago.

CFerdinand Magellan, whose mother Alda de Mesquita is believed to have been Jewish.

DJoachim Gaunse, an engineer who traveled with Sir Walter Raleigh.

EShmuel de Champlain, who founded Quebec City and explored the Great Lakes.

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Morris Raphall was the first rabbi to do what, having to do with the United States Congress?

AIn 1860, he was the first rabbi to lead a prayer opening a session of the United States Congress.

BIn 1918, he was the first rabbi to be elected to the House of Representatives, representing New York State's 10th congressional district.

CIn 2002, he was the first rabbi to oversee the kashering of the kitchen in the United States Capitol, for the wedding reception of Representative Eric Cantor.

DIn 2004, he initiated a project of encircling the United States Capitol building with an eruv so that Senator Joe Lieberman could attend sessions on Shabbat.

EIn 2012, he declared that it was not kosher for Jews to support Congressional pork barrel legislation which would have provided school vouchers to Jewish students attending yeshiva day schools in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

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