Weekly Quiz


Which holiday can never occur?

ARosh Hashlabor.

BSt. Patsover.

CSukkumbus Day.

DTu B’shvoundhog.

EMartin Luther Shvat.

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Veterans Day

For what was Isaac Gause known?

AHe invented the double-gause lens for spy telescopes that were used by the Allied military in World War I.

BHe was awarded, but refused to accept, the Distinguished Service Cross in World War I, until it was changed to a Distinguished Service Star of David.

CHe was the only Jewish soldier awarded the Purple Heart twice, for his service in Korea and Viet Nam.

DHe was one of the only Jews to win the Medal of Honor, for his military service during the Civil War, when he captured the colors of the Confederate Army's 8th South Carolina Division.

EHe was a tallit maker on the Lower East Side who, using silk cloth, invented the Gause bandage, which is credited with saving the lives of many wounded soldiers during World War I.

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Walk On The Wild Side

What honor did Lou Reed receive in Israel in 2012?

AHe was awarded the Israel Prize in Music.

BThe Israeli-Czechoslovakian community honored him for inspiring Vaclav Havel and the Velvet Revolution.

CScientists discovered a new genus of velvet spider in the Negev and named it the Loureedia.

DThe Velveter Rebbe in Mea Shearim wrote a niggun inspired by Lou Reed, singing “doo, do doo, do doo, doo do doo" instead of "ay-di-di-die.”

EA newly discovered cave under the old city of Jerusalem was named the Velvet Underground because of the ancient velvet Torah scroll covers that were found there.

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